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Thanks to our more than 20 years experience on hardware sector, Sedexport cooperates with many distunguished global companies around the World.

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Company Profile

With our innovative, flexible and solution-oriented professional approach, Sedexport provides comprehensive and systematic services which help the industrialization and tailor-made solutions for your company. By aiming the international success in trade for all of our partner companies, we are based in İstanbul and we are always at your disposal for all type of industrial needs.

Renkli Defterler

Our vision

Sedexport contributes to your company's brand awareness thanks to new innovative products that market exactly needs. In addition, we build a sustainable growth and new business development strategies for the partners.

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Sedexport removes the all obstacles in front of you by finding new products for your requirements. We make you save money and time by our value added products for your industrial portfolio.

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